Why the Transgender Debate Is About Redefining Reality

The fight about trangenderism is a struggle over who gets to define reality.

What is at issue is not merely the question of which individuals can use what bathrooms but whether individuals have the right to redefine reality in a way that the rest of society is forced to accept.

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This Is A MUST Read: Take A Gander At This Amazing, But Little Known, 9-11 Story

It reminds me how much good there is in the world.”

“In spite of all the rotten things we see going on in today’s world this story confirms that there are still a lot of good people in the world and when things get bad, they will come forward. Let’s not forget THIS fact.


This incredible story is from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15:On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, we were about 5 hours out of Frankfurt,

Source: This Is A MUST Read: Take A Gander At This Amazing, But Little Known, 9-11 Story

How to read 200 books a year -It’s just like Buffett says. Anyone can do it, but most people won’t.

It’s just like Buffett says. Anyone can do it, but most people won’t.

Once you do some simple math, you learn that it’s completely doable to read 200 books in a year.

Source: How to read 200 books a year — Quartz

Heavenly Father, it’s Presidents’ Day in our nation

 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves. Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor1 Pet. 2:13-17



Heavenly Father, it’s Presidents’ Day in our nation—a perfect day for praying these words from the apostle Peter. As I meditate on this passage, I stand convicted of how little I’ve interceded for our past presidents, and how very little I pray with joy for our current president. Forgive me, and by the power of the gospel, give me a better attitude.

I’m humbled to realize that when Peter wrote this letter, the megalomaniac Nero was the sitting “president” in Rome. It’s obvious that Peter lived with more faith in the King of kings than fear of the madman of madmen. You’ve already installed your Son as king (Psalm 2); and Jesus’ kingdom has come and will come in fullness—hallelujah. No other king would die to make rebels (like me) his beloved.

Father, I haven’t been living with confidence that you set up and sit down kings, presidents, premiers, and governors at your bidding. For the past several years, I’ve assumed the posture of an arrogant critic and irritated citizen, rather than a man of faith and faithful prayer. I repent.

Father, show me what “doing good” looks like as a dual citizen of the United States and the kingdom of God. Show me how to use my freedom wisely, and to show proper respect to everyone, including our President. Grant him wisdom beyond his experience and a heart directed by your hand. Bless his family, make the gospel real to him, and surround him with mature, healthy, seasoned leaders. So very Amen I pray, in Jesus’ glorious and grace-full name.

LGBT activists are trying to push this down America’s throat

By Rev. Franklin Graham

They might want to think twice about messing with Texas! One week after Houston hosted Super Bowl 51, the NFL sent a not-so-veiled threat suggesting that if TX legislature passes a proposed bathroom bill requiring people to use the bathroom, locker room, changing room, or showers assigned to their biological gender—they might lose top dollar sports events. LGBT activists think they’ve got this kind of blackmail down pat—but they may have a surprise with Texas.
The NFL’s threat is pretty much identical to the one the NBA and the NCAA issued against North Carolina last year. The NBA pulled out of NC for their All-Star Game—and look what happened. I just read that ticket prices for the All-Star Game in New Orleans were 71% lower than the previous year due to low demand. If you ask me, it serves them right—they should’ve stayed in NC! This isn’t just basketball and football, it’s blackmail—the liberal left and LGBT activists are trying to push this down America’s throat and I hope it backfires. I agree with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick—“The NBA and the NFL have lost their minds, as well as their moral compass.”
As a real example, do we really want a player on the men’s high school basketball team who “self-identifies” as female to be able to choose the girls’ locker room to suit up and shower in? Obviously not. Neither do you want a man who says he feels like a woman to be able to use the public restroom with your granddaughter. There are all kinds of safety and privacy issues with what the LGBT crowd are pushing for.
I hope Texas will put its very large size boot down on this one.

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Christian 

Regardless of your political views, if you are a Christian, your theological convictions should spur you to action.

What would happen if Christians opened their homes and their lives to the strangers who live next to them? Showing Christlike hospitality to Muslim neighbors is essential for them to understand the true message of Christianity.

Daily resources from John Piper to help you find joy in God.

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Lou Holtz Nails It !!“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works and the America that doesn’t. The America that contributes and the America that doesn’t. It’s not the haves and the have-nots, it’s the dos and the don’ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society and others don’t. That’s the divide in America .

It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility. It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed, and victimization in order to win elective office. It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country.

That’s not invective, that’s truth, and it’s about time someone said it.

The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when President Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income inequality.” He noted that some people make more than other people, that some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s not just. That is the rationale of thievery.

The other guy has it, you want it, Obama will take it for you. Vote Democrat. That is the philosophy that produced Detroit.

It is the electoral philosophy that is destroying America. It conceals a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense because it ends up not benefiting the people who support it, but a betrayal.

The Democrats have not empowered their followers, they have enslaved them in a culture of dependence and entitlement, of victim-hood and anger instead of ability and hope. The president’s premise – that you reduce income inequality by debasing the successful–seeks to deny the successful the consequences of their choices and spare the unsuccessful the consequences of their choices. Because, by and large, income variations in society are a result of different choices leading to different consequences.

Those who choose wisely and responsibly have a far greater likelihood of success, while those who choose foolishly and irresponsibly have a far greater likelihood of failure.

Success and failure usually manifest themselves in personal and family income. You choose to drop out of high school or to skip college – and you are apt to have a different outcome than someone who gets a diploma and pushes on with purposeful education.

You have your children out of wedlock and life is apt to take one course; you have them within a marriage and life is apt to take another course. Most often in life our destination is determined by the course we take.

My doctor, for example, makes far more than I do. There is significant income inequality between us. Our lives have had an inequality of outcome, but, our lives also have had an inequality of effort. While my doctor went to college and then devoted his young adulthood to medical school and residency, I got a job in a restaurant. He made a choice, I made a choice, and our choices led us to different outcomes. His outcome pays a lot better than mine. Does that mean he cheated and Barack Obama needs to take away his wealth? No, it means we are both free men in a free society where free choices lead to different outcomes.

It is not inequality Barack Obama intends to take away, it is freedom. The freedom to succeed, and the freedom to fail. There is no true option for success if there is no true option for failure. The pursuit of happiness means a whole lot less when you face the punitive hand of government if your pursuit brings you more happiness than the other guy. Even if the other guy sat on his arse and did nothing. Even if the other guy made a lifetime’s worth of asinine and shortsighted decisions.

Barack Obama and the Democrats preach equality of outcome as a right, while completely ignoring inequality of effort.

The simple Law of the Harvest – as ye sow, so shall ye reap – is sometimes applied as, “The harder you work, the more you get.”

Obama would turn that upside down. Those who achieve are to be punished as enemies of society and those who fail are to be rewarded as wards of society. Entitlement will replace effort as the key to upward mobility in American society if Barack Obama gets his way. He seeks a lowest common denominator society in which the government besieges the successful and productive to foster equality through mediocrity. He and his party speak of two Americas, and their grip on power is based on using the votes of one to sap the productivity of the other. America is not divided by the differences in our outcomes, it is divided by the differences in our efforts.

It is a false philosophy to say one man’s success comes about unavoidably as the result of another man’s victimization.

What Obama offered was not a solution, but a separatism. He fomented division and strife, pitted one set of Americans against another for his own political benefit. That’s what socialists offer. Marxist class warfare wrapped up with a bow. Two Americas, coming closer each day to proving the truth to Lincoln’s maxim that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

Lou Holtz

Leo “Lou” Holtz (born January 6, 1937) is a retired American football coach, and active sportscaster, author, and motivational speaker.

Practicing the Power -Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask, and you shouldn’t expect to receive.” —Tim Challies

Practicing the Power is an implementation guide of sorts, a handbook for integrating the practice of the miraculous gifts into the life of the local church.

Source: Practicing the Power – Tim Challies

Americans Need to Know: Capitalism is the Only System That Helps the Poor | PragerU

We’ve watched anxiously this election cycle as millions of Americans, particularly high school and college students, have embraced socialism and rejected free-market capitalism, the only economic system to have ever raised up billions of people in poverty to the middle class.

The numbers are alarming: 67% of young Americans believe either socialism or communism is the most compassionate economic system. This means the demographic that will control elections for the next generation overwhelmingly believes in economic systems that have only caused and perpetuated poverty.

Help us spread the truth about free markets. If you think it’s vital for the future of the United States that young Americans understand why capitalism helps the poor, sign this letter to send our pro-capitalism videos to the largest 100 universities in the United States.

Student Ambassador Program for PragerU

Our Videos on Capitalism 

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Volunteers needed to help celebrities pack their bags as they move out of America now that Donald J. Trump was elected. 

Celebrities need your help! Hollywood stars said they would leave the country if Donald Trump were elected president. But they didn’t prepare for this outcome, and now they need volunteers and moral support to move all their belongings. SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP THE FOLLOWING CELEBRITIES MOVE:

Miley Cyrus
Lena Dunham
Amy Schumer
Jon Stewart
Samuel L. Jackson
Whoopi Goldberg
Bryan Cranston
Spike Lee
Eddie Griffin
Chelsea Handler
George Lopez
Keegan-Michael Kay
Al Sharpton
Neve Campbell
Barry Diller
Barbra Streisand

and of course Rosie O


Source: Volunteers needed to help celebrities pack their bags as they move out of America now that Donald J. Trump was elected. | PragerU

My Response to Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump 

Do you really want to dialogue? If so, let’s get started.


And since you mention bakeries, restaurants, and hotels — none of which, by the way, have refused to serve a gay person simply because he or she was gay — how do you think we felt when friends of ours lost their jobs or were put out of schools or suffered serious professional recriminations because they were forced to violate their religious beliefs, bullied by LGBT activists and their allies? Are you not aware that this is a two-way street?


Source: My Response to Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump | The Stream

The suspects include those who helped broker the Iran nuclear deal and are desperate to preserve it, since Flynn was one of its chief critics.


After the forced resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn, it’s still not clear whether he even did anything wrong in his phone call to a Russian representative (it was already investigated and cleared). But there’s general agreement that he wasn’t forthcoming to his bosses about the content of the call, and that created a breach of trust that can’t be tolerated. So he’s gone, and the left is giddy that they’ve torpedoed one of Trump’s chosen advisers, and they’re jazzed to attack some more.

But now the story has taken a very different twist. The focus in Congress and some media outlets has shifted from Trump and Flynn to the question of just who leaked information about this phone call and why. It’s long been rumored that there are entrenched elements of the intelligence agencies and holdover Obama appointees who are dead-set against the kind of reforms Trump was elected to enact, and this could be the first sign that they are willing to do anything – including expose top secret information – if it cripples the Trump Administration. The suspects include those who helped broker the Iran nuclear deal and are desperate to preserve it, since Flynn was one of its chief critics.

Some alleged conservatives from the diehard NeverTrump movement are actually praising this possible turn of events. I honestly don’t understand how anyone who claims to believe in American values could condone government power being wielded by a cabal of unelected bureaucrats and shadowy intelligence operatives who would release classified information in an attempt to undermine a duly elected President. This incident is more than just a setback for Trump’s national security reforms. It’s also a warning shot that if he really wants to drain the swamp in Washington, he might first need to get rid of the alligators in his own basement before they eat him alive first.


Mike Huckabee

‘Men, Love Your Wives’: Famed Columnist’s Touching Tribute to His Late Wife Has a Message for Us All – Faithwire

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas, who on Saturday lost his wife of 51 years after a long-fought health battle, has penned a touching tribute to her, sharing the couple’s story, discussing the meaning of true love and imploring men to cherish their wives.Thomas, who said his wife, Charlotte Ray Thomas, suffered from multiple health ailments before her death, opened the piece by recounting how the two met in musical theater before moving on to praise Charlotte’s vocal talents.“She traveled with some of Broadway’s biggest stars on the summer stock circuit, but ultimately chose another life — a life with me and our four children,” he said. “When they were older I urged her to finish her college education while I kept house. I was glad to do so after all the sacrifices she made for me.”It was at that point that Charlotte earned a Master’s degree and became a family counselor, but it was her devotion to Thomas and the couple’s family that the writer recalled with the most passion, especially the bond the two had when it came to standing by the importance and sanctity of their marriage. Thomas continued:We believed marriage was for good and that attitude allows you to work out virtually any disagreements or problems. She used to tease me after a long forgotten argument, saying, “You’ll miss me when I’m gone.” She was right. I do.Most newspaper obituaries of the non-famous summarize a life in two or three paragraphs. Ray’s life was worth more than that. She was generous with her time and money, always spending and sending as much as she was able to her children and grandchildren. I can say without embellishment I would not be the man I am today without her. God knew what He was doing when He put us together.The columnist also shared a message he posted to Facebook over the weekend — a proclamation that encouraged men to tell the women in their lives just how important and cherished they truly are.“Men, love your wives. Don’t wait until they are about to be taken from you before you realize what they have contributed to your life. Love them now so you have no regrets at the end,” Thomas wrote.w “I am glad my wife as she prepares to meet her Savior has known of my love for her and hovaluable she has been to me.”He continued, “Have you told yours that? Love today is seen as a feeling. But real love is a commitment, a covenant.”In the end, Thomas said marriage vows must be made and stood by, and he offered a final touching and simultaneously heartbreaking message to Charlotte, telling her, “Rest in peace, sweetheart. We shall meet again.” Read the piece in its entirety here.

Source: ‘Men, Love Your Wives’: Famed Columnist’s Touching Tribute to His Late Wife Has a Message for Us All – Faithwire

In a world where deceitful charm and vain beauty are cultural goddesses, a woman who fears the Lord is to be publicly praised

So, why am I telling this to you?

First, in a world where deceitful charm and vain beauty are cultural goddesses, a woman who fears the Lord is to be publicly praised (Proverbs 31:30), especially by her husband (Proverbs 31:28). My wife will not prefer this public praise; she’s too humble. But I know she will not withhold from me the joy of singing her praise, something that actually completes my joy.

Second, if you are newly married or hope to be married someday, you know of too many marriages that have broken on the reefs of human sin. And you are inundated with stories that distort and pervert love. Pop culture celebrates the infatuated highs of new love, and says very little of the deep, mature richness of middle-aged love. So, I want to encourage you with a word of hope: the best married love is ahead of you — though you likely won’t know it for a while. You will push through some steep mountains, deep valleys, and miry bogs to get there. You will wonder if it will happen; you will doubt. But if you trust God, stay true to your vows, and press on, you’ll discover that the relational reward of steadfast, persevering love is worth every struggle. Allow the wine to age.

Third, if you have had your heart broken and your love shipwrecked on the reef, your love story is not over — not if you are part of Christ’s bride. Your truest love story will have a wildly happy ending. The best marriages in this age are dim, defective reflections of the love Christ has for you (Ephesians 5:22–32). But they are reflections. The better the marriage, the greater glimpse we get of what’s coming for us all: a steadily growing, deeper, richer, stronger love for all eternity.

I am still wonderfully enchanted with my earthly beloved after many Valentine’s Days. And what’s more wonderful still is that it’s just a small taste of the Great Enchantment, the Deep Intoxication, the divine head-over-heels love we will all someday know with our true Beloved.

The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel

More than 1.2 million people have seen author and speaker John Piper’s passionate strike at the prosperity gospel. Here’s what happened that night.

Source: The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel

Black-robed politicians on the Left Coast handcuff Trump, keeping the borders wide open for terrorists. Is the (9th circuit incompetent?) putting Americans at risk

Three unelected federal judges in San Francisco yesterday ordered the Trump administration to continue accepting visitors and would-be immigrants from seven dangerous countries that are incubators of Muslim terrorism. Conservatives who follow judicial affairs know that no other court compares to the Ninth Circuit. In 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court reversed an incredible 86 percent of the decisions it reviewed from that court. The circuit previously struck down the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the phrase “under God.” It has also found that citizens have no constitutional right to own guns. Some call the court the “Ninth Circus” and the “Nutty Ninth,” and for good reason. (The ruling in Washington and Minnesota v. Trump may be read here at the Ninth Circuit’s website. When unelected judges seize power they are not supposed to have and thumb their noses at We The People by rejecting the Constitution and the unambiguous language of a congressionally approved statute specifically giving the president discretion regarding the admission of aliens, it is time for a revolution against those usurping judges.

Now they must fight a new war against this judicial tyranny that has darkened the American landscape


What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell – Tim Challies

It was just a few years ago that everyone was talking about hell. One disaffected Evangelical had decided to use his platform and popularity to question the very notion of hell, and, not surprisingly, he caused quite a stir. The crisis came and went, of course, and it had at least one happy outcome: Many Christians had to examine what they believe about hell and come to stronger and better conclusions. I believe in hell. I do not believe in …

Source: What I Would Have To Deny To Deny Hell – Tim Challies

“I disagree with what you say, so DIE!”


The philosophy taught by liberal universities used to be “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Sadly, the motto of many of today’s liberal universities is “I disagree with what you say, so DIE!” That’s not just a false impression created by slanted media coverage.

The academic free speech group Heterodox Academy examined all attempts to make American universities cancel appearances by scheduled speakers since 2000. They identified 333 “disinvitation” crusades, out of which 200 came from leftwing activists, nearly twice as many as from the right (102).

If it seems to you as if that still understates recent attacks on free speech by the left, there’s a simple explanation: that’s the total since 2000. But click the link and look at the chart illustrating attempts to silence speakers by year. Notice what happens to the line representing leftwing censorship attempts, starting about 2009, after Obama came into office. Then look at what it does in the past year. Leftwing censorship on campus was already soaring, but in 2016, the booster rockets went off.


Mike Huckabee


“Islam to a man is like rabies to a dog.-Sir Winston Churchill. Islam is a deadly political system-NOT A RELIGION! #WakeUpAmerica

90-day temporary ban for vetting these people is NOT cruel and unusual, it’s called common sense approach to Islamic terrorism. Think about the 3,000 plus Americans killed on 911, and the evil deeds these Islamic terrorists do on a daily basis.

(911 attacks, Boston marathon bombers, etc. )

Henri Nouwen Society | Home | Henri Nouwen Society

We often confuse unconditional love with unconditional approval.

Purpose of Henri Nouwen Society: to foster the spirituality of solitude, community and compassion that was embodied in the life and teaching of Henri Nouwen

Source: Henri Nouwen Society | Home | Henri Nouwen Society

‘Apprentice’ Producer Mark Burnett Reveals How He Met Trump — the Details Are Fascinating -(great read-j.lingle)

“That began 14 years of a relationship, building a highly successful global television franchise, a relationship where we have never had a single bad word between us,” Burnett said. “Everything that comes up in business we just deal face to face, no lawyers, no accountants — deal with it straight forwardly. It’s been one of the greatest relationships of my life.”

Source: ‘Apprentice’ Producer Mark Burnett Reveals How He Met Trump — the Details Are Fascinating – Faithwire

Fake News all over facebook about Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch!

By Mike Huckabee

I thought Facebook was going to crack down on “fake news.” Yet when I signed on today, one of the top trending stories that was ricocheting around the media was a ridiculous claim that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch had founded and run a club called “Fascism Forever” when he was a student at Georgetown Prep School. Naturally, this had been reposted countless times by liberal Facebook users as proof positive that Gorsuch is a goosestepping Nazi. It will no doubt become a permanent piece of liberal lore when discussing him, even though it’s completely phony.

This garbage shouldn’t have passed the most basic smell test or fact check. Here’s the truth: there was no “Fascism Forever” club. It never existed. It was nothing but a sophomoric joke inserted into his high school yearbook to tease Gorsuch about his conservative political views (sophomores tend to write sophomoric things, but what is our “professional journalists'” excuse?)

There was a recent claim from David Brock’s Media Matters that they were working behind the scenes with Facebook to combat “fake news.” If that story is actually true, then Facebook might consider finding someone a bit more objective when it comes to spotting “fake news” about conservatives. (Media Matters is THE God Father of FAKE NEWS)

Don’t Forget the Epic Story of World War 

The World War II film Hacksaw Ridge is in contention for multiple Oscars, and I hope it wins a gaggle of them. It is a fine, well-made film, and a rare attempt in mainstream cinema to portray the hero

Source: Don’t Forget the Epic Story of World War II | The American Conservative

Navy SEAL killed in Yemen anti-terror raid is identified-(Praying for family)

The Navy SEAL killed in a raid targeting Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen was identified Monday as Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens.

So grateful for his service and love for our country

Source: Navy SEAL killed in Yemen anti-terror raid is identified | Fox News

What’s Holding the Arab World Back? 

What’s holding the Arab world back? Why, by nearly every measure, are Muslim nations so far behind the West economically, culturally and scientifically? Bret Stephens, Global View columnist for the Wall Street Journal, explains.

Source: What’s Holding the Arab World Back? | PragerU

7 Ways to Do Political Punditry Wrong in a Polarized World 

What are we to do as Christians when there is so much we might want to say, and yet, we’d like to say it in a way that makes a difference instead of just making noise?

Source: 7 Ways to Do Political Punditry Wrong in a Polarized World | TGC

Protesters should just chill

The national media seem to believe their job in reporting Trump’s temporary halt to allowing refugees from seven nations that are hotbeds of anti-American terrorism is to take the most over-the-top hysterical reaction from the anti-Trump left and send it through Metallica’s wall of amplifiers. But news flash: like most of this year’s Oscar nominees, outside of coastal big cities, few people are buying it.

As this linked Reuters report found, many Americans in the Heartland think the protesters should just chill and let the government sort this out. They voted for Trump largely because they were tired of seeing our borders overrun and didn’t want to suffer the same fate as European nations that are experiencing massive crime and unrest due to millions of Middle Eastern refugees who are hostile to their hosts’ culture and refuse to assimilate. They see this as Trump simply keeping a campaign promise: a temporary ban until we can find a way to make sure it’s safe to let people in, which is exactly what Trump said he would do. The media are echoing the charge that it’s a “Muslim ban,” but it’s aimed at seven nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria – that the Obama Administration specifically identified as dangerous. That’s right: Obama started imposing more stringent vetting of people from these nations two years ago, and the media never made a peep over it. Non-Muslims from those nations are affected, while Muslims from all other nations are not, so it’s not a Muslim ban. And contrary to some reports, it has nothing to do with whether Trump’s companies do business in those nations. They were identified as dangerous by the previous Administration.

Perhaps the most overly-dramatic reaction came, not surprisingly, from the New York Daily News, which depicted a crying Lady Liberty with a headline accusing Trump of closing the “Golden Door.” It’s a meme repeated by other liberal outlets and Democrats such as Chuck Schumer. But the poem on the Statue of Liberty is not official immigration policy, and the “Golden Door” to America has never been wide open to anybody who wanted to enter. An entry like that wouldn’t be a door at all, just a broken gate.

Think of it this way: I’ll bet you have a door in your house through which you happily welcome many visitors. But how long would your family remain safe if you left it standing wide open 24/7?


Mike Huckabee

Mike Pence did not sign a law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people 

If Vice-President Mike Pence thought that his public scolding from the cast of Hamilton would be the last he’d hear on the subject, he knows better now. And so do all of his neighbors. The Wa…

Source: Mike Pence did not sign a law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people | Denny Burk

Obama’s czar on all things racist is spewing his HATEFUL rhetoric again. This tax evader should be held accountable for millions owed!

Source: Jerry Lingle (@jerry_lingle) | Twitter

Stop it –Preacher Al Sharpton! And start proclaiming word of God if your a preacher, and pay your delinquent tax bill!

Obamacare is just another major blunder by Demon-crats & Obama- that Trump/Pence & republicans have to FIX or it will collapse! They have NO choice

Obamacare is just another major blunder by Demon-crats & Obama- that Trump/Pence & republicans have to FIX or it will collapse! The demon-rats passed it wrote the LAW and it is a TOTAL disaster for all of us. Demon-crats should be ashamed, but they are stupid, incompetent, and intent on destroying this country. Just listen to Pelosi, Clown Schumer speaking  everyday as if Obamacare is NOT colossal FAILURE! If Trump does nothing Obamacare will destroy our economy, and KILL many Americans.    

Trump’s Election Is a Prophetic Picture of Your 2017 Breakthrough 

To honor God for His divine intervention and to encourage ourselves in our individual situations, consider these 20 seemingly impossible obstacles that were all overcome.

Source: Trump’s Election Is a Prophetic Picture of Your 2017 Breakthrough — Charisma News