Obama regime

Where Is U.S. Policy to Fight the Jihad?
As we reported last night, President Obama has been very quiet in reacting to Muslim killers murdering 12 more people in Paris, France.

The president’s only statement was that we cannot let a few people inhibit freedom.

As Talking Points pointed out, we are not dealing with a few people here — maybe a few million, but most likely many more.

The Islamic jihad is very active in the following places:

Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, most nations in Western Europe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Indonesia and on and on.

In Africa, the continent’s largest economy Nigeria is being directly threatened by the jihad.

And here we have the most powerful man in the world, Mr. Obama, saying the problem is being caused by a few.

Very troubling.

The truth is that extreme Islam has taken deep root in this world and is at the source of ultra-violence around the world.

That’s the truth.

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