plea for sanity

The homosexual lobby likes to say that gay rights is the new black. But there is another lesson from the civil rights movement that is more instructive. The tide turned against white supremacists when they were seen beating up innocent, kind-hearted black people. Righteous indignation goes a long way. The left may bully Mrs. Stutzman, but with her defeat, the tide may be already turning.

Don't Stop Believing

Like any American with both a head and a heart, I am appalled that Washington State is about to destroy the livelihood and savings of Barronelle Stutzman, the kind grandmother whose florist shop enjoys serving homosexual customers but doesn’t wish to participate in the celebration of their marriage.

Stutzman’s response should make every Christian proud. When asked what she would say to her old friend who is suing her (and winning), Stutzman said, “I would love to give him a hug and tell him things are going to be OK.” She continued, “I had a good relationship with Rob and I served him for years. We did have a personal relationship, and I think the world of him. We just disagree on what marriage is.” And for that, she will lose the business she has operated for more than thirty years. Her employees will lose their jobs. Her shuttered…

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