Gnostic Sex

People need the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Stop Believing

A lot of us have been thinking the last couple of days about how our culture came to be where it is. The religious freedom piece may be the most important, but for now I want to focus on how our society came to believe that homosexual activity and changing one’s gender are perfectly natural activities worthy of praise. As I see it, there are two main catalysts.

  1. Modern Individualism

We are living in the age of Peak Enlightenment, when the modern focus on the self is approaching its climax. Western individuals can hardly be more obsessed with themselves and their rights, and we are now learning how such narcissism may do real harm to themselves and others. Society will continue to disintegrate as individuals wrangle over whose rights, freedoms, and dignity should be respected and whose must not be.

The Enlightenment taught us to follow the thoughts and desires…

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