You Are Not ‘Gay’; You Are a Child of God

Pray for the the Supreme Court to rule against SODOMY/Homosexuality
The Union of one man and one woman=God’s Word
The Supreme Court is not the ‘Supreme Being’

Short Little Rebel

I’d like you to read this intriguing article written by David Prosen who has been struggling with same sex attraction almost all his life. He was caught up in the diabolical trap of labels purposely set by the Progressives: ‘homosexual’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, etc. He speaks to the evil power of these labels (perpetrated throughout schools, tv, movies and society) and how they seek to create an actual identity out of what is truly a behavior.   One isn’t born or created ‘gay or ‘straight’. One is simply born male or female. That is biology. Our identity is Children of God, not ‘gay’ or ‘straight’.   Progressives have been spoon feeding these labels for decades and a whole new generation has finally matured- thus, the sudden blossoming of the homosexual culture in America, Canada and Europe.

People can experience all sorts of lust that can separate them from the divine nature of…

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