A Bad Day for America
Twenty-one-year-old Dylann Roof shot nine people dead last night inside a Charleston, South Carolina church.

Roof fled and was caught this morning in Shelby, North Carolina, about 250 miles from Charleston.  He surrendered without a struggle.

Roof — from Lexington, South Carolina — dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and has been arrested at least twice, once on a drug possession charge.

Apparently he’s a longtime racist, wearing anti-black patches on his clothing.

Those who know him say he often made inappropriate statements about African-Americans.

Police report that Roof entered the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church about 8:15 last night and watched the prayer meeting that was underway.

Shortly after nine, he pulled out a handgun and murdered nine churchgoers before fleeing.  Reports are he reloaded the gun a number of times, saying that he had to kill the innocent people.

No question that was an act of terror, no different than what ISIS and al Qaeda do — targeting civilians because of who they are.

In this case skin color seems to be the motivator.

This is not a tragedy, this is an execution designed to terrorize people just like the Boston Marathon bombing and the mass-murder at Fort Hood, Texas.

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