where you start determines where you end

Don't Stop Believing

Last Friday the Supreme Court expanded marriage, at least for now, to any two consenting adults. As Justice Roberts noted in his dissent, the court offered no reason why gender doesn’t matter but the number does. If the court is consistent, it will legalize polygamy the next time a polygamist sues.

Much has already been written about the court’s decision, but I want to make one point that has been overlooked. The culture may have a crazy, unsustainable definition of marriage, but the culture itself isn’t crazy. Its new definition is entirely consistent with its first principles.

Compare Justice Kennedy’s conclusion on gay marriage with his earlier statement on human freedom. In 1992’s “Planned Parenthood vs. Casey,” which upheld the right to abortion, Kennedy famously wrote, “At the heart of liberty is theright to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the…

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