Rev. Benny -isn’t it time to STOP accumulating more wealth & put that $42 million back into helping others-which is the reason people gave it to you

Benny Hinn-net worth ($42 Million)

Benny-HinnBenny Hinn is famous for his faith healing practices shown all around the world through his T.V. program “This Is Your Day.” Hinn’s programs are among the most watched religious programs in the world, and span over several successful networks. Hinn travels the world on “Miracle Crusades” where millions pack into crowded football stadiums for the chance to witness his miraculous faith healings. Benny claims his efforts and crusades feed over 100,000 children each year and support 45,000 children daily.

Benny’s miraculous abilities have apparently cured deafness, blindness, cancer, damaged limbs, and AIDs, on numerous occasions; even with his apparent blessings it didn’t stop him from being admitted to a California hospital for shortness of breath after finishing a mission to Brazil. Despite his setbacks, Benny claims to have helped over a billion people in his travels, and he sure has the cash to show for it.