Goodness’, Gracious’ sakes alive!

Role Model


SIH STSTA ICONOne of most famous college basketball coaches of all time was John Wooden, coach of the UCLA Bruins. Coach Wooden, a devout, outspoken, Christian, set many NCAA records during his coaching career at UCLA. He set records for number of undefeated seasons (4), number of conference championships (19) and number of NCAA championships (10). To read more about the achievements of coach Wooden please go to

Besides being known for his extraordinary spirituality, coaching skills and achievements, Coach Wooden was also known for NEVER using profanity. Many times he would use the phrase “Goodness’, Gracious’ sakes alive!” as a replacement for profane language.

Unknown to many, this phrase carries with it a reference to Jehovah, the triune God who Coach Wooden served.

Both the terms Goodness and Gracious are attributes of Jehovah God of the Bible. Exodus 34:6 makes this very clear “… The LORD, The LORD God…

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