Homosexuality and the Bible—-Give us all, Lord, opportunity to speak to those that we might meet caught in that sin, and to know that the most compassionate thing we can do is not accept them, but warn them, for if they don’t understand the sin, they can’t see the Savior.

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Homosexuality and the Bible

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In today’s world, tolerance is king.  And there’s no greater tolerance issue than homosexuality.  Activists have changed the way mainstream society–politics, business, education, the media–thinks about homosexuality.  They’ve also changed the way many churches and denominations think about it.

Where do you draw the line?  More to the point, where does the Bible draw the line?  In Homosexuality and the Bible, John MacArthur challenges popular views about how Christians should interact with homosexuals–and what God thinks of homosexuality.

Filter your questions about homosexuality through the grid of God’s Word.  Definitive answers await.

    Includes the following 2 messages: