A prayer for healing for friends

Dear Lord Jesus,

you are a most wonderful, merciful Savior. We praise, bless and adore you for everything you are, and for everything you’ve done for us. By your life, death, and resurrection, you have completely secured our salvation and you guarantee a most complete salvation. Everything about us matters to you—spirit, soul, and body; and everything about us stands in need of your cleansing, healing, and liberating grace.

     In the Scriptures, we see your healing power at work; and by the gospel, we know one Day we will be totally healthy and whole—and we are grateful beyond measure. In light of that Day, Jesus, our cry in this day is simple, humble, and earnest. Lord Jesus, please bring your healing power to bear to those we love and cherish.

     For our friends:  Oh, for the Day of no more cancer and no more heart disease (of any kind); no more tumors or terrors; no more MS or ALS, no more addictions or even obsessions; no more mental maladies or emotional diseases; no more bodies that wear out, or death in any form. Jesus, there are so many situations for which we boldly ask you for supernatural healing, and/or supernatural sufficient grace.

     We know you don’t despise our asking. We know you do all things well. We know you are writing stories larger than our understanding. We know, and still we ask, Jesus please bring healing to our  friends, and to us. So very Amen we pray, in your worship-worthy and trustworthy name.