It’s Dangerous for Christian Leaders to Endorse Political Candidates 

Is it wise for Christian leaders to be so closely associated with one political candidate?

Source: It’s Dangerous for Christian Leaders to Endorse Political Candidates | The Stream

Disappointed in the people of the USA who used to be the model for the world in their Christian walk….who have now become so weakminded… surprised they can still think that people can be perfect because NO ONE is perfect except Christ….But you have become people of NO faith in your God…you discarded Him and you chased after idolatry and even now you cannot trust that all things are possible with the Mighty and Holy ONE! His thoughts are higher than out thoughts and His ways are far beyond what we can imagine. That’s our God, only Him can change and mold a person but one who has sinned against God on what He abhorred, killing of unborn babies and pro-homosexuality and pro-same sex marriage and who does not repent will have no favor with Him. Our God is a gentleman and He will leave you to choose. You will have to know your God to choose well. The US has gone down the slippery slope for the past 8 years, just doing the things God does not like….and you could get out or stay in it for more slippery time. We pray for you and God bless America.