Trump’s win was a sweet victory indeed


For Republicans, Trump’s win was a sweet victory indeed. But for faith-based voters, a local election in Oregon might be even sweeter. Brad Avakian, the Democratic labor commissioner who drove the Christian bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, out of business by fining them $144,000 for declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding, was running for secretary of state. He vowed to expand the powers of that office to continue shoving his left wing agenda down people’s throats. He was not only defeated but here’s the icing on the cake: his opponent became the first Republican elected to state office in deep-blue Oregon in 14 years. He also garnered not a single endorsement from any major paper, because of his eagerness to abuse his powers to trample the religious rights of anyone who disagreed with his views.

Unfortunately, Oregonians are still stuck with him on the labor board for two more years. Let’s hope his electoral humiliation has taught him to respect the limits of government power. If not, then once his term is up, let’s pray he’s never again entrusted with any power over the citizenry. I don’t care what he does after that. I’d say, “Let him eat cake,” but I sincerely hope no bakery in Oregon will sell him one.


Mike Huckabee