The bigots from Buzzfeed


The bigots from Buzzfeed continue to get rightly roasted on social media for their attempted SJW bullying of HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper.” Their shocking transgression: as Christians, they attend a traditional church where the pastor doesn’t endorse same-sex marriage. Buzzfeed’s actual official editorial position is that when it comes to LGBT issues, there are “not two sides.” The gay side, no matter how radical, is always right, and any objection, no matter how traditional, faith-based or protected by the First Amendment, is automatically wrong and indefensible. This is in spite of their other official policy that bans political partisanship. (And no, Buzzfeed is not a comedy site. Not intentionally, at least.)

Their smear-by-association attack on the Gaines family extended to accusing them of barring gay couples from their show, and even accusing HGTV of anti-gay discrimination (a ludicrous charge if you’ve ever seen that channel, which aborted the Benham brothers’ planned house rehab show because they were Christians who supported North Carolina’s traditional definition of marriage.)

“Fixer Upper” is filmed in Waco, a major Baptist hub and home to Baylor University, and its surrounding small towns in central Texas. How many gay couples have applied to be on that show and live there? As several critics have noted, both on TV and in real life, Chip and Joanna Gaines appear to be model parents, loving spouses, funny, intelligent, likable, generous, highly skilled and extremely successful. And maybe that’s the real problem that Buzzfeed’s writers have. Their popularity shatters the false image that liberal media outlets like Buzzfeed peddle of red state residents being a bunch of dumb, hateful, bigoted “deplorables.”

And they still can’t figure out why so many Americans went into the voting booths last month and told them to take their smug leftist name-calling and pound sand. If Democrats want to get back to winning elections, they’d better start tearing down their own rickety false assumptions about Middle America and rebuilding their party. If they still want to associate with media stars, they’ll learn a lot more about how to salvage their fixer-upper of a party from Chip and Joanna Gaines than from Cher and Lena Dunham.


Mike Huckabee