“To everything, there is a season…A time to be born, and a time to die.”

The message you have just received was delivered by Mike Huckabee and includes a message from Huck PAC, his political action committee. 


2016 has been a rough year for the entertainment industry, with the loss of many stars of the past half-century. Sadly, we couldn’t even make it to New Year’s Eve without saying goodbye to two more. British pop singer George Michael died of heart failure at 53, and “Star Wars’” icon Carrie Fisher has died at 60, several days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. She reportedly never regained consciousness.

Michael and Fisher had much in common aside from their cause of death. Both came to worldwide fame at very young ages. Both were multiple talents, with writing skills that matched their performing abilities. And both had difficulty dealing with the pressures of show business. It’s likely that their too-early deaths were directly related to the damage wrought by years of self-destructive habits, including longtime drug addictions. While both left behind work that will be enjoyed for generations to come (Fisher even reprised her role as Princess Leia in the recent mega-hit, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”), it’s tragic to consider not just the loss of two human beings at such young ages, but also the loss to posterity of all the work they might have created if they’d had more time. Let’s hope today’s young creative talents learn that sobering lesson and live and model healthier lifestyles.

Despite all the talk in the media, there’s nothing “cursed” about 2016. The 20th century saw the rise of pop culture as a mass medium, along with many performers who became household names. The early stars are now inevitably passing away from old age, and the stars of the rock era are not only aging, but suffering the ravages of drug-fueled lifestyles. So sadly, this is a story that’s likely to be repeated throughout the New Year.

As the Byrds sang in the first flush of the psychedelic era, “To everything, there is a season…A time to be born, and a time to die.” Those lyrics are from Ecclesiastes 3. They’re believed to be the oldest words ever used in the lyrics of a #1 song. Like the many other lessons of the Bible, they’ve been true for thousands of years, and they will be true for thousands more. That’s why it makes sense that in times of pressure and stress, grief and loss, turn to God for comfort that is real and time-tested.



Mike Huckabee