Protesters should just chill

The national media seem to believe their job in reporting Trump’s temporary halt to allowing refugees from seven nations that are hotbeds of anti-American terrorism is to take the most over-the-top hysterical reaction from the anti-Trump left and send it through Metallica’s wall of amplifiers. But news flash: like most of this year’s Oscar nominees, outside of coastal big cities, few people are buying it.

As this linked Reuters report found, many Americans in the Heartland think the protesters should just chill and let the government sort this out. They voted for Trump largely because they were tired of seeing our borders overrun and didn’t want to suffer the same fate as European nations that are experiencing massive crime and unrest due to millions of Middle Eastern refugees who are hostile to their hosts’ culture and refuse to assimilate. They see this as Trump simply keeping a campaign promise: a temporary ban until we can find a way to make sure it’s safe to let people in, which is exactly what Trump said he would do. The media are echoing the charge that it’s a “Muslim ban,” but it’s aimed at seven nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria – that the Obama Administration specifically identified as dangerous. That’s right: Obama started imposing more stringent vetting of people from these nations two years ago, and the media never made a peep over it. Non-Muslims from those nations are affected, while Muslims from all other nations are not, so it’s not a Muslim ban. And contrary to some reports, it has nothing to do with whether Trump’s companies do business in those nations. They were identified as dangerous by the previous Administration.

Perhaps the most overly-dramatic reaction came, not surprisingly, from the New York Daily News, which depicted a crying Lady Liberty with a headline accusing Trump of closing the “Golden Door.” It’s a meme repeated by other liberal outlets and Democrats such as Chuck Schumer. But the poem on the Statue of Liberty is not official immigration policy, and the “Golden Door” to America has never been wide open to anybody who wanted to enter. An entry like that wouldn’t be a door at all, just a broken gate.

Think of it this way: I’ll bet you have a door in your house through which you happily welcome many visitors. But how long would your family remain safe if you left it standing wide open 24/7?


Mike Huckabee