Fake News all over facebook about Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch!

By Mike Huckabee

I thought Facebook was going to crack down on “fake news.” Yet when I signed on today, one of the top trending stories that was ricocheting around the media was a ridiculous claim that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch had founded and run a club called “Fascism Forever” when he was a student at Georgetown Prep School. Naturally, this had been reposted countless times by liberal Facebook users as proof positive that Gorsuch is a goosestepping Nazi. It will no doubt become a permanent piece of liberal lore when discussing him, even though it’s completely phony.

This garbage shouldn’t have passed the most basic smell test or fact check. Here’s the truth: there was no “Fascism Forever” club. It never existed. It was nothing but a sophomoric joke inserted into his high school yearbook to tease Gorsuch about his conservative political views (sophomores tend to write sophomoric things, but what is our “professional journalists'” excuse?)

There was a recent claim from David Brock’s Media Matters that they were working behind the scenes with Facebook to combat “fake news.” If that story is actually true, then Facebook might consider finding someone a bit more objective when it comes to spotting “fake news” about conservatives. (Media Matters is THE God Father of FAKE NEWS)