“I disagree with what you say, so DIE!”


The philosophy taught by liberal universities used to be “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Sadly, the motto of many of today’s liberal universities is “I disagree with what you say, so DIE!” That’s not just a false impression created by slanted media coverage.

The academic free speech group Heterodox Academy examined all attempts to make American universities cancel appearances by scheduled speakers since 2000. They identified 333 “disinvitation” crusades, out of which 200 came from leftwing activists, nearly twice as many as from the right (102).

If it seems to you as if that still understates recent attacks on free speech by the left, there’s a simple explanation: that’s the total since 2000. But click the link and look at the chart illustrating attempts to silence speakers by year. Notice what happens to the line representing leftwing censorship attempts, starting about 2009, after Obama came into office. Then look at what it does in the past year. Leftwing censorship on campus was already soaring, but in 2016, the booster rockets went off.


Mike Huckabee