‘Men, Love Your Wives’: Famed Columnist’s Touching Tribute to His Late Wife Has a Message for Us All – Faithwire

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas, who on Saturday lost his wife of 51 years after a long-fought health battle, has penned a touching tribute to her, sharing the couple’s story, discussing the meaning of true love and imploring men to cherish their wives.Thomas, who said his wife, Charlotte Ray Thomas, suffered from multiple health ailments before her death, opened the piece by recounting how the two met in musical theater before moving on to praise Charlotte’s vocal talents.“She traveled with some of Broadway’s biggest stars on the summer stock circuit, but ultimately chose another life — a life with me and our four children,” he said. “When they were older I urged her to finish her college education while I kept house. I was glad to do so after all the sacrifices she made for me.”It was at that point that Charlotte earned a Master’s degree and became a family counselor, but it was her devotion to Thomas and the couple’s family that the writer recalled with the most passion, especially the bond the two had when it came to standing by the importance and sanctity of their marriage. Thomas continued:We believed marriage was for good and that attitude allows you to work out virtually any disagreements or problems. She used to tease me after a long forgotten argument, saying, “You’ll miss me when I’m gone.” She was right. I do.Most newspaper obituaries of the non-famous summarize a life in two or three paragraphs. Ray’s life was worth more than that. She was generous with her time and money, always spending and sending as much as she was able to her children and grandchildren. I can say without embellishment I would not be the man I am today without her. God knew what He was doing when He put us together.The columnist also shared a message he posted to Facebook over the weekend — a proclamation that encouraged men to tell the women in their lives just how important and cherished they truly are.“Men, love your wives. Don’t wait until they are about to be taken from you before you realize what they have contributed to your life. Love them now so you have no regrets at the end,” Thomas wrote.w “I am glad my wife as she prepares to meet her Savior has known of my love for her and hovaluable she has been to me.”He continued, “Have you told yours that? Love today is seen as a feeling. But real love is a commitment, a covenant.”In the end, Thomas said marriage vows must be made and stood by, and he offered a final touching and simultaneously heartbreaking message to Charlotte, telling her, “Rest in peace, sweetheart. We shall meet again.” Read the piece in its entirety here.

Source: ‘Men, Love Your Wives’: Famed Columnist’s Touching Tribute to His Late Wife Has a Message for Us All – Faithwire