LGBT activists are trying to push this down America’s throat

By Rev. Franklin Graham

They might want to think twice about messing with Texas! One week after Houston hosted Super Bowl 51, the NFL sent a not-so-veiled threat suggesting that if TX legislature passes a proposed bathroom bill requiring people to use the bathroom, locker room, changing room, or showers assigned to their biological gender—they might lose top dollar sports events. LGBT activists think they’ve got this kind of blackmail down pat—but they may have a surprise with Texas.
The NFL’s threat is pretty much identical to the one the NBA and the NCAA issued against North Carolina last year. The NBA pulled out of NC for their All-Star Game—and look what happened. I just read that ticket prices for the All-Star Game in New Orleans were 71% lower than the previous year due to low demand. If you ask me, it serves them right—they should’ve stayed in NC! This isn’t just basketball and football, it’s blackmail—the liberal left and LGBT activists are trying to push this down America’s throat and I hope it backfires. I agree with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick—“The NBA and the NFL have lost their minds, as well as their moral compass.”
As a real example, do we really want a player on the men’s high school basketball team who “self-identifies” as female to be able to choose the girls’ locker room to suit up and shower in? Obviously not. Neither do you want a man who says he feels like a woman to be able to use the public restroom with your granddaughter. There are all kinds of safety and privacy issues with what the LGBT crowd are pushing for.
I hope Texas will put its very large size boot down on this one.