Knowledge Isn’t Power In A Sexually Depraved World

We think that knowledge is power. We think that just by knowing more information we’ll be able to put right what we destroyed. Unhappily, though, it is not. But really, look back at Adam and Eve. They were world changers. They took the goodness and beauty of God and changed it into such a corrupt idolatry that it altered everything. They destroyed the deep coherence of God’s creation, bringing the strong power of death not only to the body and the created order, but to the mind and heart. And having made this change, they then had all the knowledge they that moment had grasped for. They stood there and looked at their naked sorry selves, seeing everything. Unfortunately, that knowledge brought with it no power to do anything. They plucked some leaves, and the wind blew cold along the bareness of their unclothed skin.

Source: Knowledge Isn’t Power In A Sexually Depraved World