International Adoption of Macy Joy Lingle

Gives a Daughter a New Home
Love can grow
wherever it’s nurtured.

For Scott and Linda Lingle,
a new love started growing in China 

He and his family recently returned from China with their new daughter Macy Joy Yang Lingle. Their journey to meet and adopt Macy actually began about three years before 13-month-old Macy was born.

“We started the adoption process four years ago,” Scott explained. “We have three boys, Kyle 9, Ryan 11, and Tyler 14. They’re our biological children. We also wanted a daughter in our family. We learned in parts of China many families may only have one child. That policy leaves a lot of children, especially girls, in need of adoptive families.”

Macy Joy Yang Lingle was born in Jiangxi Province in China on Feb. 22, 2008. She was abandoned shortly after birth and placed in an orphanage.

Scott and Linda had been working with an agency that specializes in adoptions in China. “To adopt a child in China, we were required to spend two weeks there,” Scott said. “Our whole family went to bring Macy home. While we were working through the adoption process, we were able to visit places like Beijing, the Great Wall, Olympic Village, and the Forbidden City. We also toured Hong Kong. It was very cool to have the opportunity to see and learn about China’s fascinating culture and have Macy’s three big brothers take it all in!”
“We’re loving the whole experience. Sometimes Macy tries to say things, but we don’t know if she’s saying words she may have learned in China or just doing normal 13-month-old baby talk!” Scott says.

“Macy was born in an area where the conditions were not good. It’s rewarding to watch her adapt to her new life and her new family. It’s been a life changing experience for all of us! With Macy back home in America, we definitely feel like our family is complete.”

The Lingles were among many families the agency was assisting with adoptions at the same time.



Tyler Lingle, Linda Lingle, Macy Lingle, Ryan Lingle, Kyle Lingle




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