VIDEO Pastors to mayor: You Want The Sermon, Sit In The Pew – Subpoenas of Pastors ‘Shocking & Shameful – Why Mayor Backed Off

Jerry Lingle:

Homosexuality is WRONG –Madame LESBIAN A. Parker Mayor of Houston, your Intolerance of Christians and the word of God is also wrong. Your FIRED!!!!!–j.lingle— Oh, Sunday Service is @ 9:30 -Topic: Homosexuals & Lesbians, Bi-sexual, & Transgender can be forgiven, just like any other SIN.

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The Real Problem is that the Mayor thought she could get away with the Subpoenas
annise-parker lesbian mayor-
-Ted Cruz: City of Houston’s Subpoenas of Pastors ‘Shocking & Shameful
-American Government Forces Pastors To Hand Over Any Sermons Critical Of The Government, Or Homosexuality, To The State
-Houston You Have a Problem, a Big Problem
-Gay Business Mocks Job Applicant because she Went to a Christian College!
-Here’s Why Houston’s Liberal Mayor Just Backed Off City’s ‘Shameful’ Demand For Pastors’ Sermons
Houston Mayor Annise Parker (AP)
16 October, 2014 Dr. Don Boys

The mayor of Houston is a lesbian “married” (in California) to another female so that is a big problem; however, now her honor wants local pastors to submit their sermons to the city to ascertain whether or not they took a position on the city ordinance permitting transgenders to use any restroom of their choice. What unmitigated gall. What incredible stupidity…

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George Will: Distrust of Obama Administration “Permeates Everything”

Jerry Lingle:

WARNING: Obama regime is dangerous to your FREEDOMS.–J.Lingle

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After Krauthammer, George Will weighed in, on Special Report, making the point that distrust of this administration “permeates everything.”

“First the president denies something, and then there’s a very late and inadequate response,” he began. “ISIS – or whatever we’re calling it – the Islamic State – is the JayVee –  and then suddenly it’s a menace that we have to destroy. The Employer Mandate – fine. It will go into effect – whoops! It can’t go into effect and so they delay that. Now we have a president who said a few weeks ago that there would be no outbreak of Ebola in our country – the White House says today, there’ll be no widespread outbreak. You have to watch the modifiers with this crowd.”

“The president keeps saying ‘trust us,'” Will continued. “Well, it’s a little late in the game for that. The president who says ‘trust us’…

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Nuke negotiations with Iran are worse than the 1951-53 peace process with North Korea

Jerry Lingle:

Is Obama regime going to make a deal with the DEVIL? (Iran) Obama regime is NOT your friend Israel-it’s time to stop Iran from going nuclear. Tell Obama regime to play golf, and start fund raising for the Hillary 2016 Presidency.

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Parallels between the current negotiations with Iran over nukes and those with North Korea and China over the end of the U.S. – U.N. “police action” in Korea should be considered in evaluating the former. That is the purpose of this article.

Among the conclusions to be drawn is that Obama’s America and the rest of the “international community” are heading down a foolishly misguided path in nuke negotiations with Iran. The path is likely to lead to results more inconclusive and substantially worse than did negotiations to end the Korean Conflict. 

Korea negotiations

Negotiations looking to the end of the Korean conflict began on July 10, 1951 at Kaesong, a town occupied by North Korea. On November 25th, negotiations moved to neutral territory in Panmunjom, where they continued until July 19, 1953, just over two years after they had begun.

During the Korea negotiations — which South Korea opposed and at which North Korea and China…

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IHSAA regional tennis: Rain-delayed semifinals at Brownsburg

Jerry Lingle:

Ryan Lingle is my grandson, and plays for Avon High School Tennis Team in the No. 1 position, they had a great year (2014) winning the first sectional in the schools history. Congratulations to the Avon High School Tennis Team 2014!!!!

r2 avon sectional IMG_1682.JPG

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Ryan Lingle, Avon High School, returns a shot against Carson Skelly, Zionsville High School, in the Indiana High School Athletic Association Tennis Regional 1 semifinals on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014.

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What do Progressives, Atheists and Libertarians have in common?

Jerry Lingle:

And I would add Democrat Politicians in the mix!!!!!!!!!!!!

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imageProgressives, atheists and libertarians have something in common – they do not abide by a moral standard. In all of my debates on twitter and in person, I’ve learned that as a society, we have strayed from a moral standard, and for our society to work, we MUST have one. Our founding fathers based our great country on the standards set by God Almighty. When we stray from those standards (libertarians), justify breaking them (progressives), or ignore them altogether (atheists), our country ceases to be great.

I have many libertarian friends, very few atheist friends, and even fewer progressive friends, and they all know where I stand on the issues. I’m very socially conservative, and above all, I’m a Christian. I strongly believe that when you compromise on your morals, you compromise your soul, our country, and the very foundings that made us great. Let’s break down a few of…

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