Firing Up His Base

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New York Times publishes address of Police officer Wilson. If any harm comes to Wilson, this newspaper is responsible.

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Pals“Obama, of course, invested long ago in the notion that every incident involving a black victim and a white (or white Hispanic) shooter symbolizes America’s greater racial ills. There is no individual justice; there is only social justice. Darren Wilson and Michael Brown were not individuals; they were merely stand-ins for racial conflict … Sadly for President Obama, the grand jury looked at the evidence – something Obama and his allies have never bothered to do…” –  Ben Shapiro


“In America we don’t put people on trial just to satisfy the vengeance of the mob.” – Matt Walsh

How'd THEY End Up In Charge“One of the things about our society which is great, is that we don’t have real long memories – it has worked for me before.” – Barack Obama


15 trillion dollars laterEric Holder Let Ferguson Burn – So Says City Mayor

As millions across the nation watched the television images of a…

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Ben Carson: American Race Relations Better Before Obama Became President

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Race relations were better before Obama regime policies. (Al Sharpton) But then, everything was better before Obama-bin-lying.

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Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, author of “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future” argued that race relations were worse under President Obama on Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“I actually believe that things were better before this president was elected. And I think that things have gotten worse because of his unusual emphasis [on race]” he stated.

Carson cited Obama’s criticism of the police in the Henry Louis Gates incident and his remarks that his son would look like Trayvon Martin and accused the president and other progressives of trying to “manipulate, particularly minority communities to make them feel that they are victims.” And that the president “absolutely” plays the race card, but he said the president was attempting not to do so in the aftermath of the grand jury decision regarding Officer Darren Wilson.

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Barack Obama’s Assault On America

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Praying for Revival in America —First Great Awakening occurred in the 1730s and 1740s, Americans experienced a great outpouring of the Spirit of God. Many cried out in terror from a deep awareness of their sins.

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Weasel Zippers

It is a fundamental fight, and one we must win.

Via National Interest:

I present these musing under the rubric, “Requiem for the American Republic.” I do so with a profound sadness at the destruction wreaked upon our civic system through the decades-long phenomenon of uncontrolled immigration. In presenting his new policy of granting illegal immigrants legal status through executive action, President Obama said he did so in part because of “who we are as Americans.” Who we are is a nation of laws. Our government has ignored the law for a generation or more in allowing law-breaking immigrants to enter the country. Now the president doubles down on that assault on American law by promulgating an unconstitutional executive order.

Inevitably, those who are unconcerned about the flow of illegal immigrants—either through humanitarian impulses or because they see a political realignment in the making (or both)—can’t perceive why…

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Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran

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Exclusive: Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran, Jerusalem Post,  Michael Wilner, November 22, 2014

Israeli official cites “sunset clause” in proposed comprehensive deal, which guarantees Iran a path into the nuclear club and may corner Israel into war.

IAF pix Israel Air Force planes fly over Tel Aviv. . (photo credit:IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

[M]ore than any single enforcement standard or cap included in the deal, Israel believes the Achilles’ heel of the proposed agreement is its definitive end date – the sunset clause.

“You’ve not dismantled the infrastructure, you’ve basically tried to put limits that you think are going to be monitored by inspectors and intelligence,” said the official, “and then after this period of time, Iran is basically free to do whatever it wants.”


WASHINGTON —  Historic negotiations with Iran will reach an inflection point on Monday, as world powers seek to…

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Legal Immigrants take to Twitter, Demand Refund of Legal Fees plus Interest

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Trying to Surviving the WORST so-called-leader in American history

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BeFunky_Cartoonizer_233 obama treachery

Twitter is abuzz with discontent from legal immigrants who entered the United States LEGALLY, got on line, worked hard and paid their dues to become citizens in their quest for the American dream demanding a refund, and justifiably so for out of pocket fees expended plus interest over the years.

The twitter rage began when Barack Obama announced last evening scheme to execute his illegal executive “amnesty[i]” order today moving five million illegal aliens to the front of the line ahead of Americans and legal immigrants.

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Obama and Pelosi are pathological liars: Evidence mounts (How Stupid Do They Think America Is?)

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I would also include Harry Reid and 98% of the Democrat politicians ad the so-called mainstream media.

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By Bob Allen


There is no other conclusion that can be honestly and fairly reached. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pathological liars, and there is no legitimate reason to trust a word either of them says. The case of Jonathan Gruber confirms it.

Both of these “leaders” have denied even knowing Mr. Gruber in recent days, despite an irrefutable awareness of the existence of copious amounts of printed, audio, and video documentation that refutes those denials.

Nancy Pelosi extolled Gruber, and appealed to his expertise, in the process of advocating for Obamacare, but now she doesn’t know who he is? There are records Mr. Gruber was paid $400,000 by this Administration, and visited the White House at least nine times in the process of developing the Health Care fraud–including direct-evidence of meeting with Mr. Obama himself–but now Gruber allegedly “wasn’t on the team”?

I’m sorry, where…

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It Begins: State Removes These Two “Politically Incorrect” Words From All Tax Forms

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Intolerant LGTB lobby is behind so much of this change!

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Conservative Tribune

Not that it was unexpected in the current grossly liberal legal landscape, but it finally happened in West Virginia – the now politically incorrect terms “husband” and “wife” are being removed from all state tax forms beginning in 2015. The term “spouse” will be replacing both words. (H/T TheLibertyEagle)


The move was in response to two federal court rulings that recently annihilated West Virginia’s marriage protection amendment, which defined marriage in its true form – the union between a man and a woman. In a notice sent down the pipeline last month, the state tax department now defines “spouse” to include those married to someone of the same sex.

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