Cambodia Mission Trip 2014

Posted September 20, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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Insanity! $22 Trillion Spent on the War on Poverty

Posted September 17, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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Jerry Lingle:

and poverty is worse than ever —throw the Democrats OUT

Originally posted on PUMABydesign001's Blog:

“We shall not rest until that war is won…” That of course would mean that Lyndon Johnson whose war on poverty is a colossal disaster must be doing back flips in his grave “from the courthouse to the White House.”

Fox News Insider

Greg Gutfeld pointed out on “The Five” today that the U.S. census counts a family as poor, but excludes any income or benefits they receive from the government, thus ensuring that those programs will grow while poverty statistics remain unchanged.

“It’s not a war on poverty, it’s a zombie that you can’t kill,” he said. “Stop throwing money at it. This is crazy.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 14.5% of the population in the USA (45.3 million Americans) were living at or below the poverty level in 2013. In addition, the number of children living in poverty decreased by 1.4 million, to 14.7 million.

New York…

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Why Christianity in America is Declining

Posted September 17, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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Jerry Lingle:

Praying for America

Originally posted on Mike Lee:

If you follow any news concerning religion in America, you will have heard that Christianity isn’t growing in our nation.  The Southern Baptist Convention, the world’s largest Protestant denomination, is in decline.  Some have said that as much as 85% of churches in America are plateaued or declining.  America, any way you look at her, is not the Christian stronghold it once was.

What’s going on?

So why is this happening?  Why is Christianity struggling?  What’s hindering the proclamation of the gospel?  Some will say it’s our current moral climate within the nation.  People have become openly antagonistic to Christians and their message.  The media industry is against Christians.  Hollywood is against Christians.  Political parties are against Christians.  The Supreme Court is against Christians.

Some will say it’s the rise of Calvinism with its accompanying belief in predestination that is killing Christianity and hindering the gospel’s proclamation.  Some…

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This is What Happens When You Attack Israel

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Hamas is EVIL beyond redemption !!!!!! HATE filled –praying that Israel will destroy everyone

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For too long the media and international community have been preaching that “Palestinians” bear no responsibility for the consequences of their decisions and they are passive victims of the conflict.

By: Shalom Bear
Published: September 17th, 2014

via The Jewish Press » » This is What Happens When You Attack Israel.

A Gaza building, reportedly used by Hamas, destroyed by the IDF on August 26, 2014.
Photo Credit: Emad Nassar/Flash90

Leftwing websites love to play up the photos of destruction of Gaza. The poor, suffering, innocent “Palestinians”, victims of Israeli aggression and collective punishment, are their front page stories.

Their bottom line is always the same, the Gazans (or the “Palestinians”) are not responsible for their actions and decisions; they’re passive victims of the conflict.

But it’s not true.

Even before their violent takeover of Gaza, Hamas received the largest block of votes in Gaza, giving them the…

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VIDEO: Thanks to the Department of Education, Our Young People Have Already Forgotten 9/11

Posted September 14, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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Jerry Lingle:

Wake-up STUPID–put down your phones

Originally posted on What Did You Say?:


September 11, 2014 By

GWU uneducated students
September 11, 2001 was just 13 years ago. College freshmen were between the ages of five and six, juniors and seniors in college would have been nine or ten. Regardless, the events on that day are such that should not go unremembered, not discussed or untaught. After all, America was attacked on our own soil. Islamic terrorists brought the fight to our door.

Yet, to watch this video of college students asked about the significance of that date, only six out of 30 knew the answer. But 29 of them could name a Hollywood star whose nude photos were leaked recently.

The Young America’s Foundation visited the George Washington University campus in Washington, D.C., a city that was one of the targets on that tragic day, to ask students about current events. What was discovered was that rather be knowledgeable about important things happening in…

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Coming Home: Finding Jesus, Son of God, in the Koran

Posted September 14, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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Jerry Lingle:

Koran has so much Hateful stuff in it as well

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:

Coming Home

Islam’s Koran considers Jesus the Christ a prophet, like Mohammad, although one would never know it if we go by the terrible and ongoing slaughter and persecution of Christians by Muslims, most notably in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria.

A Muslim named Mario Joseph, however, discovered to his amazement that, reading the Koran with care and intelligence, Jesus is more than prophet — He is the Son of God.

And so Mario Joseph forsook Islam and became a Christian.

For that, he was tied down, deprived of food and water, by his vengeful family. At the point of death, Joseph mustered the strength to fight back, only to be attacked by his murderous father.

Miraculously, the father was stricken to the ground by an unseen hand, and so Joseph fled to safety.

Watch and listen to this man’s astonishing testimony.

See also:

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The Nice ISIS Jihadist Next Door

Posted September 10, 2014 by Jerry Lingle
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STOP the Insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Nice ISIS Jihadist Next Door, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, September 10, 2014

abdirahmaan-muhumed-killed-fighting-isis-403x350U.S. citizen Abdirahmaan Muhumed of Minneapolis, MN, was recently killed fighting for ISIS.

The nice Jihadists flocking to rape Yazidi girls in Mosul are convinced that Allah knows best and his Caliph knows best. The worst of them are acting on impulse. The best of them are acting on faith.

Faith is irrational. Believers believe without understanding and act without thinking. The holy men of our religions acted on faith. So do the holy men of Islam. It’s what they have faith in that is the problem.

It’s easy to dismiss a small enough religion as a cult because its leader sleeps with young girls and its members are willing to kill for him. But when the cult grows big enough, we say it’s a religion of peace and hope that its followers believe the…

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